~ Silent Thoughts ~

Scattered thoughts half asleep
hopscotch through my mind
taunt 'n tease with shadows
speak to me in rhyme

Puffy clouds 'n moonlite
waltz 'cross darkened sky
a peacefulness embraces
like Mother's lullaby

Behind my lids a ballet
in perfect synchrony
whispers 'pon my pillow
with passion speak to me

Pleading for attention
pulling at the sheets
making noise, disturbing
waiting for release

Wrapped around my being
I hear that inner voice
screaming in the silence
tugging with a force

Always in the night-time
as if a haunting curse
pondered thoughts raise havoc
leapfrog into verse

Inside the room of slumber
kissed by muse's call
silent thoughts unravel
bounce against mind's wall

Scribbles come to surface
flow like a babbling brook
sleepy thoughts awaken
are placed in poet's book

2007 Rose Marie Streeter

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