In silent lucidity, I am packing
To be ready, just in case,
I'm wrapping up my heart for heaven
Prepared to look upon God's face.

My heart swag is invisible
Because God formed it so,
Back when I gave my heart to Jesus
Those many years ago.

Each friendship I have tucked within
My heart to take along,
Each dear one I have ever loved
Who, eternal is their song.

I'll have each special memory
Kept within my mind,
The sentiments and stories
Forever sweet and kind.

I've packed up every precious word
The ones that meant a lot,
In loving thoughts so dearly cherished
All that are of my God.

I'll hide within my spirit
Whatever 'twould be true,
And in the tender bundling of my heart
I'm for aye enfolding you.

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems March 2009

Life gives us
moments of choice,
for what will be of heaven..
In all of those
moments we can gather what will
last forever

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