~ Silent Wonder ~

I gaze in silent wonder,
at the beauty of a tree...
it's always so amazing
what God's put here for me to see.

The birds in flight, so beautiful...
cows are grazing in the pasture nearby,
horses are speaking their secret language,
mountains rise up to meet the sky...

a mouse scampering in the corn bin,
filling it's tummy so full...
how I love this land and it's inhabitants,
I'll forever feel it's pull.

The erratic flight of a butterfly,
the creeping of a little bug...
the ants who are so industrious..
heaven forbid they should lull!!!

The creak of the barnyard gate
makes me so thankful I can hear...
the rain on the old tin roof
is a comfort to my ears.

The beauty of the sky so blue,
makes me thankful I can see...
a song bursts out of my spirit,
I sing loudly, and feel so free!

The animals are comfortable
with this human's daily visit,
they look at me with wise old eyes...
as if asking, "Well, what is it?"

Yes, in silent wonder I behold
the blessings given each day,
Lord thank you for the gift of life,
as humbly to you I pray.

Denise Lanford
2004 used with permission




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Midi by Margi Harrell
used with permission