~ Sincere Penance ~

O, God, sweet Jesus, my penances are few,
Your aid is needed,
Now, what should I do for you?
You've said "Care for the the poor,
The hungry feed too.
Give of yourself."
To mention a few.
Now I'll ponder, I'll wonder again,
Is there more I should do,
For ALL hearts You should win!
Guide me, O Father, speak, I'll learn.
Your Word lets me know,
For us, Your heart e'er yearns.
So let us help from our hearts,
And do all we can do,
To alleviate suffering,
Then mankind, He'll renew.
His passion, His stripes,
For our souls, He gave ALL.
As we "do unto others"
We'll answer His call.
It's lent now, my Savior
Time's now to start,
Year round good behavior,
Draws us nearer His heart.


Diana Norris 2007

If you want God to hear your prayers,
hear the voice of the poor.
If you wish God to anticipate your wants,
provide those of the needy
without waiting for them to ask you.
Especially anticipate the needs of those
who are ashamed to beg.
To make them ask for alms is to make them buy it.
St. Thomas of Villanova

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