~ Since The Fall ~

Itís been thirty years ago
Since the Fall of Saigon
But for so many who were there
That War still Rages on.

Some things have gotten better
And for some Time has Healed
But there are some Memories
That will Never be Revealed.

We turned our back to those
Who went off to Wage our Fight
And we blamed our Soldiers
When we decided, it not Right.

We must never let our Nation
Blame it on the Fighting Man
Who goes off to do the bidding
Of our Leaderís War Time Plan.

The Years may Ease the Pain
And blur Memories, but yet
That Shame of our Country
We must Not, Ever Forget.

More than fifty-eight thousand
Etched in that Mourning Wall
With more added all the time
Until the Last of those Souls Fall.

A Small Monument to Heroes
From that War of Yesterday
Where we Honor our Soldiers
In the True, American Way.

Del ďAbeĒ Jones © 04-29-2005


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