~ The Singing Cowboy ~

A cowboy woke early with a heavy heart.
He slipped out of bed and headed out in the dark.
He stood by the stall in the barn near ole Joe;
As he brushed him his thoughts turned to last winter's snow.

The weather was fierce, and the wood was all gone.
The cowboy saddled up while singin' his song.
The words you could hear as he sang with his might,
Heading off to the woods to cut by daylight.

The wind, was bone chillin' and blindin', snow blew,
But the cowboy kept cuttin' as he sang his tune.
Lord I'm just a cowpoke that loves servin' you.
Ain't nobody loves me quite like you do.

No silver or gold or call to fame,
Why, most people won't ever know my name.
But you, Lord, you know me and all my heart.
You saved me and brought me out of the dark.

He sang as he cut when suddenly a tree,
Toppled on over, right across his knee.
There was no help for at least a mile;
And the clouds were building as the snow piled.

Lord get me out of this one, for only you can,
There's no one else here to give me a hand.
I know I've ignored your call to preach,
But I know you will help me, as your face I seek.

He soon drifted off in a silent sleep,
Thoughts cast aside of a promise to keep.
No one said how that cowboy got home.
But many speculate God sent the old roan.

Months passed quickly, the cowpoke forgot
With cattle to feed, branding and shots.
But God still continued to nudge his heart;
And that's when the cowboy woke with a start!

His hands were all clammy, sweat dripped from his brow.
He knew what he had to do, but the question was how?
So that's when he headed out to the stall,
And now it was time to answer the call.

He put down the brush as he knelt by ole Joe,
And right then and there he stopped saying no.
When he rose from the floor, all the struggle was gone.
Now he's known to all, as the Preacher with a Song.

Marie Williams
  2003 used with permission


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