~ A Sinner's Dream ~

As Jesus reaches out for me,
I see Him standing there,
arms out stretched
to take me in his arms.

I hang my head and turn,
tears run down my face
for the sins of my life
I have lived.

I stand there with head held low
and turn my head,
looking over my shoulder,
my heart filled with sorrow.

He took a step towards me,
arms still reaching out for me,
a smile upon His face.

I truly know now
that Jesus will not force us,
it is of our free will
to turn to Him.

I turned my head from him
once again, head and heart
so low, for I felt
no one would want me.

I turned to look at Him again;
tears streaking my face.
Jesus still stood there,
loving me all the while.

He beckoned to me to give Him
my tired abused body,
To reach out to Him
and let Him love me.

Then I awoke, tears running
down my face.
I had this dream three times,
all ending the same.

I know as I travel my life through
Jesus will help me.
As I learn to turn to Him,
in His Love I will be saved.

Jesus is faithful and true.
I will turn and reach out to Jesus,
as He showed me how.
In His love I will abide.

Thank You Sweet Jesus
Praise Honor and Glory

©June 1, 2005 Celeste Hillebrecht
used with permission

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