~ A Sinner's Prayer ~

Lord I will tell you, right from the start
These words I say are right from the heart
A sinner I have been, even on this day
Though I try so hard, to follow in your way

Yes I have lusted, after beauty, empty wealth
And worthless trinkets, that I have tried to sell
Lies and deception, affecting my poor soul
Sometimes leaving me, feeling very cold

Anger so deep, has been tearing me apart
Leaving seeds of doubt, deep in my heart
On paths from your ways I surely have strayed
Until now, I find, that I have lost my way

Lord, touch my life, with your healing hand
Give me your strength, so with you I may stand
Look deep inside me, for I want to be true
I really want to give, my life just to you

Please forgive me now, for a sinner I have been
It is your heavenly glory, that I need to see
Forgive me my sins, that still I will make
Show me the love, that is your holy grace

Gary Salter June, 2007


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