~ Sister's Love ~

Running barefoot in the grass,
splashing thru a puddle of rain...
looking for "precious stones"
in a creek bed down the lane...

Gobbling up our breakfast,
so we could rush outside...
memories of our childhood
within my heart reside.

Making little chocolate pies...
with only dirt and water,
we used our imaginations...
there's no where our minds didn't wander.

We caught crawdads in the creek,
then let them go when done...
and fireflies in the evening dusk
were magical with the images they spun.

The secrets we shared,  the stars we watched,
and wished upon each one...
still gaze at us from up above
remembering all we've done.

The trips around the barnyard
riding on the horses...
the evenings spent shelling peas
on other family's porches...

The gallons of sweet lemonade
we drank to quench our thirst...
it was always such a race
to see who'd reach home first!

"Tag! you're it!" "Oh, no I'm not!!!"
"I had my fingers crossed!!!!"
The love and laughter that we shared
in my heart will never be lost.

"Just stick your toe over this line!"
"NO! You'll slam the door!!!"
Oh, the mischievous tykes we were,
but that's what sister's are for!

Though we are all grown now,
we still giggle thru the night,
like the little girls we were,
when all the world was "right".

Thank you for the memories...
I cherish every one...
and our list of memories grows
with each new rising sun!

Denise Lanford
2004 used with permission



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