~ Sisters ~
Crayola colored yesterdays
draw pictures in my mind
paper dolls and tea sets
brushed through hands of time

'Oft I sit reflecting
on days of way back when
ringlet curls and barbies
happy times, well spent

All the scrapes and bruises
those special nighty nites
the sweetest of all cuddles
when we hugged, real tight

Secrets shared between us
laughs that hurt our sides
puddles formed by teardrops
the way we could confide

Remembering all our chit chat
soft giggles in the night
bubbles full of past tense
pass within my sight

Dress up and pretending
lipstick on the walls
favorite foods and ice-cream
my memory bank recalls

Lace and patent leather
easter 'morn surprise
stockings hung on mantle
biggest, smiling eyes

Birthday celebrations
years have drifted by
girls to teens, now women
left footprints in my heart

Endless are the stories
from those days now gone
flutter deep inside me
when the nights grow long

Sisters through a bloodline
bonds had made us friends
a blanket of warm memories
weaved from bits of thread

Time and miles between us
pathways, long and far
I wonder how you're doing
'tho we've grown apart

Crayola colored pictures
tiptoe through my mind
framed there for safe keeping
always to be mine

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