Sitting On The Threshold

~ Sitting On The Threshold ~

If a picture shares a thousand words
Then what shall I yet pursue
But to paint my very special friend
To display the best of you

I shall wash with hues of blue
For you speak of cloudless skies
Though I could not unfold the depths
Of where your heart may fly

I'll try to fill in hidden detail
From all you've given me
Beauty tucked within my heart
That many may not see

But wonder at the joy I smile
As I paint expressively
Sitting on the threshold
Of sharing all of you I see

Rose and teal will show your passion
But soft upon your gentle soul
Pretty pink and purple highlights
With hints of shadow over all

I might daub a touch of gold
Just for the glory that you share
And add a touch of purest white
For virtue that you bear

Yet, how can my brush be still
For never ending is the art
Of unfolding all you are
A lovely work of heart

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

A person can have no better artprints
than those which are put in the heart by a friend
Friends see art to art

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