~ Sleeping Angel ~

Sleeping Angel, unaware
On petals soft, without a care
Resting from a day of labor
When morning comes, love you will savor

Wings of Silvery, Satin feather
In Gods care, you are forever
Flowers twined around your hair
You look contented, sleeping there

Reaching out, to all mankind
Leading hearts to God, in time
Caressing those needing your presence
Protecting all, with Angel Essence

Caring for those without patience to cope
Giving to others, Faith, and hope
Keeper of Souls, that's who you are
Your intentions are true, as bright as a star

But now you must rest, for new day will dawn
And Sun will wake you, from the petal you're on
So sleep now sweet angel, dream of bliss
Keep God close, and happiness

 Debbie Looney 2005

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