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Slice of Love
by: O' Puppy

Wouldn't it be so very nice
If love was just a homemade pie
That we could simply cut a slice
And feed a heart that wants to die

The taste of something oh so sweet
To keep you coming back for more
Now wouldn't that just be so neat
Love would be so worth living for

Each day the sun would always shine
At night the stars would always glow
The world would be so very kind
Unlike the place we've come to know

Why, birds would even sing at night
And flowers they would stay in bloom
Oh, everything would feel so right
There wouldn't be a need for gloom

Imagine, when you see a pie
That it was made from up above
With more than what just meets the eye
Inside, there waits a slice of love

~Ronnie Shreve~
2003 used with permission

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