~ Smile Of Deception ~

She'll smile at you intently
strip every bit of worth
your pain will feed her hunger
while bleeding quenches thirst

Blue eyes will mesmerize you
with gorgeous undertones
takes whatever she's after
cold heart is made of stone

Lies her deepest passion
untruth she speaks so well
will pull you into darkness
with venomous magic spell

Inflicting pain her specialty
plays games inside your head
toss you aside when finished
leaving you for dead

Her charm will find another
more deadly games she'll play
if there is no satisfaction
she'll seek out other prey

Betrayal and deception
lay hidden 'neath a mask
beware the smile, her laughter
a knife stuck in your back

Evil lurks within her
lays hidden 'neath the guise
perchance she meets her equal
she'll drown in her own demise


Rose Marie Streeter 2006


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