~ So Far From Home ~

We are holding you in prayer
And in our loving arms,
We are holding you forever
For you are in our heart.

God's arms are there for us
Keeping you in love,
God's holding you because
Oh my, because we can't.

We want to be with you,
We want to let you know,
That you are more than special
But we couldn't keep you home.

Because your love was greater
Far more than we could hold,
Your heart is like a diamond
Encased in purest gold.

You may be far from home,
But you are not alone,
You didn't take your heart away
The heart we'll always know.

Oh God please hold our dear one,
In all they're called to face,
All Your comfort, strength and wisdom
And bless them by Your grace.


Merry Christmas to our brave military!

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