A Soldier's Prayer for his Family
Lord, someone I love is hurting-
I feel their pain across the miles
Please pick them up so gently
And carry them through these trials…

Lord, my family's worried
They toss and turn at night-
Just give them peace to rest, Lord
Until there's morning light…

They never asked to carry
These burdens from my stand
But sacrifice and freedom
Walk always hand in hand…

Help them through their tasks Lord,
They go through every day,
Unite our hearts and spirits
When I'm so far away…

Remind them that I'm here, Lord
By bid of liberty,
Not attained for just a few-
But that all men should be free…

And when there is no ease Lord-
And fear begins to take command-
Just wrap around their heart, Lord
Give them strength…Help them stand…



Sharon Frye © 2007

With love and respect
For the families of those
serving in our Armed Forces

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