Jesus is the Light of the World


~ So Little Time ~
Our days are numbered,
(According to Godís Holy word),
We donít know what our future holds,
but on one thing we can be sure,
A righteous manís prayers are heard;

When we lay our gifts at Godís altar,
We must leave them there,
And if we have a brother,
Father, sister, friend, or mother

That hast against us aught,
(We are commanded of God),
To reconcile with them first,
Just as the Holy Scriptures taught.

Then we can lay our gifts at Godís altar;
As Godís children our righteousness
Has to exceed the righteousness of sinners,
Or we will not see the kingdom of heaven;

If we are angry with one another, without a cause,
We are in danger of the judgment;
God knows His children have their flaws;
But this scripture is speaking

Specifically concerning our Christian brother,
Father, sister, friend or mother;
Our light is to shine before the world
So they can see our good works

And glorify God in heaven;
If we, as the salt of the earth,
Have lost our Savior,
We are good for nothing;

Men will tread us under their feet,
But we are the light of the world;
We have so little time here,
And before I leave this habitation,

It could be any day,
I want to see my family and friends there,
When the angels whisk me away.
Matthew 5:13-24 KJV


© Janice Bumbalough Marler
March 28, 2007


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