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~ So Many Miles ~

So many miles keep me from you
But, deep in my heart...
Is where you will stay
where my love for you,
can never wane.

You're so far away, each moment, all day
I miss you so much...
God alone sees my tears,
knowing that you,
to me, cannot come

Flower Bullet

I wish for the moments, of you here with me
To see your sweet face...
Hear words that you say,
the touch
of your grace.

Though now I cannot, and never yet shall
be near you just now...
I know in your heart,
is where
I am found.

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Soft miss you whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2008

Flower Bullet

Be still
when there is little or
to say; but when
moved by eternal love,
say what you
must say....
with all of your heart.


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