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~ Some Do And Some Don't ~

If you have a loved one
If somebody holds your heart
Or if thereís one you want to be with
You need to tell them, thatís the start.

If you can reach and touch them
Youíre as lucky as can be
ĎCause thereís so many all alone
Like those, weíve sent, across the Sea.

So, letís say a prayer for them
For, their quick and safe return
Support the loved ones left behind
And learn, their lessons, learned.

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder"
Just ask all those who spend their day
Without a loved one, all alone
And Iím sure that they'd all say,

If you have one treat them well
And hold them, good and tight
Tell them of the love you feel
Each and every, morn and night.

For, thereís some people, go through life
And never have someone to share
A special day, like Valentineís
And to tell, how much, they care.

Del "Abe" Jones © 2005

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