~ Something Is Missing ~
As I lay here watching you sleep
I wonder where our love has gone
We go through life merely existing
You have to know that something is wrong.
They say age plays a part in this
But I'm not so quick to agree
I lay here wondering what's the reason
Is there any way it could be me?
In our youth we expressed our love
In oh so many ways
We were constantly hugging and kissing each other
Tell me true, don't you miss those days?
We now are approaching our golden years
I never thought we'd wind up like this
Our love has been replaced with convenience
And we've forgotten we once had bliss.
I thought each year as we grew older
Our love would grow with us too
But instead we've taken our love for granted
And it's so difficult to get through to you.
I long for the wonderful days of yore
When I could see the love in your eyes
We both felt so lucky to have one another
Have we been telling each other lies?
I guess we'll go through our remaining years
Forever forgetting what we once had
Continuing to deny a problem exists
And never admitting to each other we're sad.
Wake up dear husband and try to understand
I need more in my life than this
I want the way it was before...
Before, when we shared our first kiss.
Remember that feeling in the pit of your stomach
Each time we kissed and I made love to you
Yes, these are the times I'm talking about
You can't tell me you don't have a clue.
Don't you miss all those old feelings
Don't you wish for something more
Don't you want to experience them once again
Or have you forever closed the door.
Yes dear husband wake up and listen to me
I love you and you know this is true
But I want and need so much more
Is it possible to start anew?

Chee Chee Martin
2004 used with permission


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