~ Something's Amiss ~

Something's amiss
Something isn't right
This day has been hectic
But I still see God's light

It started this morning
As I rose from my bed
Something was waiting
To fill my day with dread

Feeling a bad spirit
Today, in this place
I know it's not you Lord
For I know your face

This spirit I speak of
Does not know your power
It's clinging, and squeezing
And trying to devour

But I am not willing
To give up the fight
For, with you in my corner
I will have a good night

These things, they do happen
To God's children, and more
It is satan there waiting
To throw doubt at our door

Spiritual warfare is real
It circles us everyday
Do not doubt for a second
It will too, come your way

But with prayer, and God's power
Spiritual warfare will cease
And your "something's amiss"
Will be your soul's release

Debbie Looney 10/11/2006


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