~ Sometimes You And Sometimes Me ~

Sometimes it’s you and sometimes it’s me,
sometimes it’s the rest of the world..
We talk about life and talk about friends,
and news that makes our blood boil.

We lay on the couch and stand at the sink
We talk ‘til our ear is sore….
we lay on the bed, turn out the light,
and guess what…WE TALK SOME MORE.

I sometimes wonder just what I would do
if my voice went away and I didn’t have you…
So until the next time we can talk again,
I want you to know…I LOVE YOU, my friend.

© Forrest Phelps-Cook

Have you ever had a friend so close
that you could talk for hours on end...
a friend who knew you better than you
knew yourself?

This is for all those friends who
truly enrich our lives...

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