~ Somewhere ~

Somewhere out there we will see
A place outside this world, the key
A place we'll go when all is done
There's a somewhere out there, for everyone

Somewhere out there we all will find
Jesus holding the very hands of time
There's a place of peace & rest
That carries us through every test

Somewhere out there holds our fate
It's close at hand, we can't be late
There's a place of refuge, and light
Keep your head up, put down your plight

Somewhere out there you'll soon see
That to God, you're special as can be
There's a place that's without sin
Now, trust in God to lead you in

Someday you will be a flower
Full of fragrance, and you will tower
Over all obstacles, and all strife
There is a place with Jesus Christ

Debbie Looney 09-01-2006

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midi..Somewhere Out There
GMIDI Sequence By Les Herrman


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