I thought of you today
Would there come a day I never could
Songbird of my heart
Joy that you impart
My friend so kind and good

I prayed for you this morning
Just as I usually do
Such loveliness
God needs to bless-
One beautiful as you

I smiled of you then later
When something I recalled
Your gentleness
Sweet thoughtfulness
And then I grinned some more

I walked with you this moment
In the sunshine's soft delight
Where love belongs
We wandered long
And talked of all we liked

I sat with you the longest while
To share a cup of tea
The birds they sang
As friendship rang
Oh, my day was such a treat

Soft happy whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2008

You can't touch
love, but you
can feel the
that it
pours into
~Annie Sullivan~

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