~ Song Of Your Soul ~

All the blessedness becoming you
as a beautiful person
will resound to warm your heart
as the love you give away every day
returns to shower
delight upon your path

The beauty that lies deep within
of loving kindness
will reflect back to overflow once more
as the goodness of God you hold
bursts forth a joyous song
to complete and make you whole

The care you unfold
in multiple ways will fulfill your days
as your heart beats unceasingly
for another, to impart
the eternal love you know, to give away
the song within your heart

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

God's Promise
Give to people and they will give to you
They will fill your cup, press it down,
shake it and let it run over.
That is what they will give to you
How much you give to others
is how much God will give to you
Luke 6:38

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