~ Soon ~
I see the hurt inside your heart,
And I know it's real.
I'll send you friends to comfort you,
While your heart I heal.
I've heard you cry out in anguish,
I know your very pain.
I'll send Angels to surround you,
And to keep you sane.
I know your world seems dark,
And the road a little rough,
But you are doing much better now,
My trials have made you tough.
You each have a valley to walk through,
Where you may stumble and fall.
But I sent my Son as a redeemer ,
Who came and suffered for all.
I don't like to see my children,
Hurt and cry out in pain,
But you have to take the good with bad,
Or you'd have nothing there to gain.
My Son told you before He left,
He goes to prepare a place for you.
And that's exactly what He's done,
Since His time on earth was through.
It's taken him time to prepare such a place,
Where beauty and love overflows.
Nothing on Earth can ever come close,
To the Heaven that Jesus composed.
You know He was a carpenter,
And building was his trade.
So every divine room in Heaven,
By His hands was made.
All your troubles on Earth,
Will one day soon be done,
Then you can join the family,
Forever, with the Father and the Son.
Oh What a mansion awaits us !!

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"Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again"
Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Arrangement by Jason M. Stone
March 14, 1997


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