Sparrow Day For You

As I woke I heard a little bird on high
and thought ah, 'We need a Sparrow day'
To send something special to my friend
with some loving words to say

How much your music comes to me
from the beauty that you are
'Tisn't just my imagination
you're truly a sweet heart

That's how you've always been
for all the love I see in you
Flowing from our God above
is such a pretty tune

As every time you come to visit
like a sparrow in a tree
You sing your song so beautifully
into the heart of me

So thank you then, for sitting here
with your loving spirit every day
Like the sweetest little bird you come
flitting in to stay

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

You know how I knew
it was Sparrow day for you...
a little birdie told me
each day it's always true


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midi..Exotic dream
Copyright 2000 by Jacques Koopmanschap

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