~ Speak Lord ~

I am up so early, can't seem to sleep
So I am listening Lord, Do you want to speak?

Is there something special I need to know?
Or is there some place you need me to go?

Just tell me Jesus, what's on your mind
I'll go and help you, the lost to find

Is it a fallen brother who can hardly stand?
One who needs my helping hand?

Or Lord is it I, who needs some change,
a part of my life that needs to be rearranged?

Lord, I am up, and very awake, what is it Lord?
Have I made a mistake?

While listening to your voice Lord, now I hear,
sweet words of Jesus filling my ears.

I want you to go somewhere, if you please
But it's not too far, just down on your knees

There we can talk and you'll understand
What's in your day, I have it all planned.

Now while you are here child, please listen, close
There's so many lost, just keep praying for those.

And pray for your world gone so far astray,
Then continue on to a beautiful day!

I am always listening for my children's cries
I'll always be near to wipe their tear filled eyes!

So early in the day before the sun is up,
Kneel here before me and I'll fill your cup!


Betty Hill 2006

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