Giddiyup, Daddy


~ A Special Dad ~

I watch my husband with a smile
As he tries to feed our son
The gobbledy-gook and baby talk...
He makes it so much fun.

He always plays airplane and hangar
And he can get the last spoonful in
He cleans up the mess he has made
And he wipes food from our son's chin.

He crawls around on the floor
Pretending to be a horse
Riding our son upon his back
Which makes him giggle of course.

Getting him ready for bed at night
Putting his PJ's on
Giving to him his favorite toy
Grinning as he yawns.

These are just a few things about you
To all I'd like to convey
You are such a special Dad
Here's wishing you a

Happy Father's Day

Chee Chee Martin 5-13-05

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