~ Special Little People ~

Don't we love the little people
Oh, not meaning stature yet
I mean the precious folk within our lives
We appreciate the best

I call them little people
Because they never think they're great
But are just so very lovely
For the beauty they create

A day will light up straight away
When their joy comes in to play
For they always bring a touch of God
No matter cloud or rain

For a little person knows the Lord
And will live reflecting Him
In such a pure and natural way
Glow, from loveliness within

Oh, I love the precious little folk
And want to keep them near
For with their heart of heaven
They will always be most dear

Soft whispers for special you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2008

Art thou the topmost apple
The gather's could reach,
Reddening on the bough?
Shall I not take thee?
~William Bliss Carman~


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