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~ Special Mother ~

Trumpets play a happy sound,
For you on your special day.
Music playing all around,
So wonderful in every way!

Flowers blooming just for you...
Colors of the rainbow and more.
Making your day so new,
As we journey out the door.

We travel to a time and place,
With you taking care of Lil' ones.
The look of happiness on your face,
Your smile glowing like the sun.

Nothing's like, your smile so bright.
Showing love for your children.
Raising them not to fight,
Teaching them love from within...

A job well done, my mother.
For you raised us all so well.
For like you, there is no other!
A tale for mother's day, I tell.

You are the mother for all time.
God blessed your Lil' heart.
You age like rare old wine.
I've loved you from the start.

So here's to you on mother's day,
From a heart so very true.
You are special in every way
And I will always love you.

Happy Mothers Day!

Diane Lamphere 2006


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