~ Spirit Of The Stuntman ~

The unsung hero of movie land
He's the Hollywood stuntman
He doubles for all the big stars
and drives all those dare devil cars

He's been a cop, soldier and cowboy
doubling for Hopalong, Autry and Roy
Yep partner, he lays down the law
with his fancy quick draw

Watch the Smokey and The Bandit reel
heyy, he was the one behind the wheel
He was with Keanu Reeves in the Matrix
flying the air with those fancy kicks

Chased by crooks and cops
Stuntman pulls out all the stops!
He takes risks and many a bruise
Yep, for Costner and Tom Cruise

If you look real hard, you'll see
he's even doubled for Dirty Harry
Many times there he stood
doubling for Clint Eastwood

Stuntman is a real brave trooper
He's even doubled for Gary Cooper
He rides, shoots and jumps from planes
Yep, even doubled for "Duke", John Wayne

I guess being a stuntman has it's perks
like doubling for Capt. James Kirk
Yep, there he was in Star Trek!
He survives war, crashes and wrecks

Stuntman's been in riots and disaster
Yo, did ya see him as Burt Lancaster?
He's brave, handsome, and well built
yep, he was in Braveheart wearing a kilt

Stuntman never speaks a line
In scenes he's somewhere behind
You never get to see his face
and leading ladies never feel his embrace

Next time you're at the picture show
Look! You might see him in Rambo
He'll never know true fame
'Cause you never see his name

Though glory and his pay are not grand
It's the spirit of the Stuntman...
By now I hope all of you know...
Stuntman is the true Hollywood hero!

Barbara LaBarbera
  2004 used with permission


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