Spring Is Back In Town ~*~

Welcome to you Spring Time
What a wondrous day
Winter packed and left
When he saw you on the way

All creation is rejoicing
Rising from the Winter's rest
The flowers are busy budding
While the birds are building nests

I hear the bees a'buzzing
Chipmunks are out of the ground
Squirrels at the door a'begging
And the geese are hanging 'round

Welcome to the showers
And the freshness in the air
I see you brought some flowers
And spread them everywhere

The trees lift their limbs with glee
When a breeze goes passing by
I can't see an angry cloud
In the clear blue sky

I think I'll clean the yard today
And mend a fence or two
Sow some seeds and pull some weeds
Just to welcome you

Yolanda Cohen 2005

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