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Spring Is Here

Oh what a Beautiful Day,
I see Sunshine heading my way.
I can smell the aroma in the air,
Spring is popping up everywhere!
Better get your bird feeders out,
If not you'll here them sing and shout.
Get those new seeds in the ground,
If not your flower garden will wear a frown.
Butterflies flying gently in the breeze,
Dip your critters, it's time for fleas.
Yep Springtime is here for sure,
Open your windows and your doors.
It's time to plan for family outings,
Picnics and lots of kids playing and shouting.
Horseshoe games and Tennis matches,
Mother Hen sits on nest as a baby chick hatches.
Oh what a happy season Spring can be,
Just take a look around as far as you can see.
Nature is blooming, colors just magically appear,
I'm so happy, Spring is finally here..
 Happy Spring,, Oh Shoot, Happy Everything..

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