Spring's Coming Back

In spite of ole' man winter's hold
Of gloomy days and temp's so cold
Spring is on it's way
That's what I hear all nature say

The birds that winter in a far away place
Have come back with their song
And are singing God's praise
As their sweet voice they raise

Soon the flowers will pop through the soil
Revealing their beauty
Sending their fragrance around in the air
This is their only God given duty

Then comes the wakening
Of all sleeping trees
Sending forth leaves of refreshing green
The most beautiful picture of spring

As the spring rains fall softly
Filling the streams
Rippling with the mix as the birds sing
This is the fruit of our long winter dream

Now our chores of love begin
Time to plant and reap again
A lovely world God gave to all
Summer, Winter, Spring and fall.


Betty Hill 2007

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