~ Spring Time Splendor ~

Early blossoms, humming with bees,
beginnings of honey, by expertise
A dance, swirling around and round,
somersaulting with a buzzing sound.

Seasons of nature are a symphony,
all orchestrated in perfect harmony.
A dazzling sequence to the reason,
for the onset, of a brand new season.

Spring, such a heavenly presentation,
creating a lovely daily, visual variation.
Incredible, breathless moments in time,
featuring a fantasy world so sublime.

First sprouts peek through the ground,
I'm spell bound, by beauty profound.
Spring, for the leaves will be a new start,
A time that will awaken many a heart.

Sensational spring time melodies,
silvery sweet warbles that please.
Musical notes that call forth spring,
themes of season, delivered by wing.

Soon, after all of the rainbow showers,
butterflies will be flirting around flowers.
The wondrous morning sun, shines so bright;
blooming are Easter lilies, purest white.

Springtime announces a new birth;
as new seedlings replenish the earth.
Spring, a marvelous transformation,
from fragrant lilacs, to lovely carnation.

This will always be our Father's world,
with love for us, springtime He unfurls.
What divine blessings, He gives to us;
spring from our Father is a loving caress.

(c) Joyful Jan

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