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~ Sprinkling Stardust ~

Sprinkling Stardust on the moon
Dancing Angels, right in tune
Keeping Heaven, with tender care
Until the day our souls come there

Watching, and waiting, for us to fall
Then quickly arriving, to aid us all
God's Angels are a special blend
Caring for us, right to the end

Standing beside us, when all seems lost
Helping us realize, the foot of the Cross
A sprinkling here, a sprinkling there
Angels give us their love to share

God commands which way they go
He sends them out, all in a row
When one needs tender loving arms
God sends Angels, with all their charms

Messengers of God's great plan
Touch us daily, where we stand
Keeping an ever watchful eye
While sprinkling Stardust in the sky


Written by Debbie Looney
Copyright 05/06/2009

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Midi Tam Music Factory

Artwork By
Alfred Patten

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