~ Stairway To My Heart ~

If I could build a stairway to my dream
to share my heart and love with you
It would begin at the garden gate
A garden where roses bloom from care and love
Watered by sweet Angels tears from above
A path leading to a 'home' built with my heart
and you in mind,

From which you would never wish to depart
From the window glows the candles light
showing you the way in the darkest of night
The footpath would be lighted by glowing stars
Music from the harps and violins of maestros
would play serenades as you began the first step
to enter upon the stairway to my heart

Your journey to me would be filled with wondrous
sights of a magical paradise only dreamed by you and I
Where the hour glass of time never runs out
and our hearts never experience hurt or doubt
With each step you take love strengthens and grows
And each new day ends in glorious sunset flambeaus
as we sit in the garden of roses watered by Angels tears
As our love blooms and lives throughout eternity's years
Enjoying the colors of life's rainbows


Bonnie Ray 2004
used with permission


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