~ Status Anxiety ~

Beneath that majestic roaring might
What little heart still beats within,
Beginning life so soft and gentle
What journey has it seen.

In the pack race, struggle for survival
To battle for a place,
What scars are born about
That battered soul and face.

On arrival here, his mother's pride
Every need met at the call,
No hunger cry was e'er denied
While always loved the more.

But as he grew, such changes
To fend more for himself,
The attention waned, the care reduced
Concerns crept up with stealth.

Who watches now each roll and roar
And who will find him cute,
So life then grows a tougher mask
To catwalk the golden suit.

But yet, there is a miracle
Since God made each tender soul,
To find another life in Him
Restores that inner spirit, loved, forever whole.


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

When you're away from His love and peace,
He longs for you to come back.
He weeps that you are missing out on His love, protection and provision.
He throws His arms open, runs toward you,
gathers you up, and welcomes you home.

~Charles Stanley ~


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