~ Steve Irwin Tribute ~

Mate, Husband, Father
Son, Brother, Friend
Conservationist and Mentor
loved throughout the lands

I ventured ev'ry journey
in air, o'er land 'n sea
each day took in new beauty
that mine eyes could see

You taught me love of nature
and creatures in the wild
that life is something precious
and always it's worthwhile

You embraced each day with passion
never faltered, fell astray
took action, sent a message
a mission to make change

High with enthusiasm
along your chosen path
like a lizard drinkin' water
could never get enough

A warrior in your own right
fighting for a cause
determined with conviction
without a doubt, or pause

Your heart knew love 'n kindness
words made us stop, reflect
expressive eyes held stories
but actions told them best

A blueprint of your parents
how proud they both must be
instilled in you fine morals
their love so plain to see

Tender hearted bloke from oz
loved cranky crocodiles
rode their backs, was fearless
seemed you made them smile

Champion from the Aussie lands
met by destiny
the creatures weep, remember
your fight to keep them free

You left behind warm heart prints
great lessons round the world
Bindi, Bob and Terri
hold mem'ries fond and true

You were an inspiration
as I watched you from afar
'crikey', mate I'll miss ya
will see you 'mong'st the stars

Smiling with your precious mum
still spreading love around
sprinkling us with angeldust
both humming nature's song

Mourning heard 'pon ev'ry breeze
'n each whisper of the sea
loss is felt all o'er the world
for this man named Steve

The Crocodile Hunter,
Steve Irwin was killed by
a stingray's barb on northern
Australia's Great Barrier Reef on
September 4th, 2006 at the age of 44.

Goodbye Steve...
We'll miss you
Your legacy will live on


Rose Marie Streeter 09/20/06


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