Morning Glories waken

to start a brand new day
dressed in pretty garments
outside the windowpane

Their smiling faces greet us
as if to say, 'good 'morn'
dew still glistens, sparkles
I place your hand in mine

We sneak into the garden
snuggle 'neath the trees
tulips dance around us
roses take a peek

Forget-me-nots and daisies
shyly turn their heads
pansies sleep contently
in their flower beds

Soft and tender kisses
whisper to the wind
hands exploring bodies
wearing just a grin

Butterflies aflutter
enjoying lovers view
special are the moments
whenever spent with you

The moments turn to hours
sun slips behind the clouds
our silhouettes rest peaceful
there upon the ground

Crickets chirp sweet love songs
skeeta's taunt and tease
moonlit skies above us
with warm and balmy breeze

Morning Glories nestle
drift gently back to sleep
man in moon, still watching
smiles with little wink

Our love nest in the garden
will keep our romance strong
one more kiss 'neath starlite
'fore a new day dawns


Rose Marie Streeter 2005



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