Stop! Look! Listen!
for the activity of the coming year,
Don't be shy nor overbearing,
as the New Year begins appearing.

Don't make your list of things to do,
but follow through,
On what is dear to your heart,
that is always a good start.

Put love on top of all you do,
it's transforming,
Makes every encounter better,
oh, don't forget to write that letter.

Need some exercise and diet,
to regain the lean look,
who doesn't after holiday treats,
it figures after all the feasts.

The disposition needs a change,
of calming influence,
No tantrums, anger, spiteful words,
instead contemplation, no discords.

Make that call, see that person,
be available,
Show your feelings, your concern,
Be a friend, expect no reward in return.

A top priority in any book,
is non-stop reading,
The Bible by your chairside,
the advice helps stop a backslide.

Carry on, enjoy the New year,
smiling, laughing,
Climbing over the obstacles in the way,
saying "God, you have made my day!"


Joan C. Nelson-Payne 1/4/08

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