Sit down beside me my sweet little child
I have wondrous things to tell you
Stories about Knights in their shining armor
And some of these stories are true.

Faraway places only you can imagine
Are filled with wonderment and delight
Dragons and Knights and ladies fair
Just sit still and listen as I recite.

I'll tell you of deeds and acts of courage
How good always wins over evil
Not too much different than today
Times back then were called medieval.

Castles dotted the countryside
Everything then was glorious and grand
So much to really be thankful for
Beautiful hills and endless land.

Dragons that flew in the sky
Just like birds when they took flight
Breathing out lots of smoke and fire
They would light up the darkest night.

Thatched roof cottages by a stream
Children playing just like today
Pretending to be a courageous Knight
To rid the land of evil some day.

Ah such wonderful stories to tell
Just close your eyes and listen to me
I'll take you back to a wonderful time
You'll love it, just wait and see.


Chee Chee Martin 3-14-05

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