~ St Patty Call ~

Our words are soarin' o'er the sky
sharin' o' divine
Hello, are you there
can you hear me all the time

Carin' words are reachin' you
on the line of love
Hello, can you hear me now
I'm whisperin' some hugs

Words so pretty, soft and sweet
and only very kind
Blessed words just for today
special friend o' mine

Do have your li'l self
a Happy Patty day so fine

Soft St Patty whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007


Alone, all alone, by the wave washed strand,
All alone in the crowded hall;
The hall it is gay, and the waves they are grand,
But my heart is not there at all!
It flies far away, by night and by day,
To the times and the joys that are gone!
And I never can forget the sweet maiden I met,
In the valley near Slievenamon.

It was not the grace of her queenly air,
Nor her cheek like the rose's glow
Nor her soft black eyes, nor her flowing hair.
Nor was it her lily-white brow;
'Twas the soul of truth and of melting ruth,
And her smile like the summer's dawn
That stole my heart away, one soft summer day,
In the valley near Slievenamon

In the festive hall and the wave-washed shore
My restless spirit cries -
"My land, oh my land, shall I never see you more,
My country will you never uprise."
By night and by day I will ever, ever pray,
As darkly my life it rolls on,
To see our flag unrolled
And my true love unfold
In the valley near Slievenamon

Charles Kickham

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