~ Strangers To The Cross ~

There are many in this world we see
Who don't know Jesus
And how He gave His life for you and me
I wish they knew how we are loved
by Our Father in the sky above
And see that earth, the flowers and the birds
Were all made from His heart of love

Jesus is Our God, we need not fear,
For He is looking for the sheep He lost
I pray, all strangers to the cross
Will one day find the way
To know The One who came
To give His body and His blood
Just because He cares so much.

Come, believe that Jesus never sleeps
He is Our God and sometimes weeps
Jesus will forgive in His own loving way
Take your pain and all your sorrow too,
Give it all to Jesus, He will comfort you
For you can always hear
Jesus talking from the Heavens near

Yes, for those who've lost all hope
Because others let us down
We can forgive and be forgiven,
As we look into the sky of blue
Strangers to the cross,
Please listen for the love
The King of Kings has life for you

He can change your heart and soul
To be saved eternally.
I pray for you today, please believe
Through Jesus you can find the way
He will help with all your needs
Don't be a stranger of the cross,
But come today and lean on Him.

~ * ~

Linda Ann Henry 2010
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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