A Struggle To Be Free

A flower struggles to unfurl
Its petals for all to see
But it has been planted in the shade
Completely covered by a tree.

This tree receives all the sunshine
And is growing straight and tall
While the flower is starting to droop its head
Like a shrinking violet, it is quite small.

This tree is unaware of its surroundings
And continues to flourish and thrive
It gathers up all the rain and sun
For years it will survive.

The flower has dropped its head to the ground
Starved for food and the warmth of the sun
Its petals have started to wither and die
A life almost over before its begun.

But a storm is coming on the horizon
And lightning is flashing across the sky
Thunder echoes in the distance
The tree is reaching way up high.

A flash of lightning cascades down
And splits the tree in two
The flower lifts its drooping head
And marvels at the view.

The rain is quenching an arid thirst
As the flower lifts its head to drink
The water is running through its stem
No longer does it have to shrink.

The morning comes as does the sun
Once again the flower lifts its head
The sun is sending warmth and food
The flower is being fed.

A few days have passed and it stands tall
All its petals have unfurled
But the tree lies dead and its leaves are withered
They're brown and starting to curl.

The flower reaches for the sun
Its the sun alone who held the key
It brought the storm that fateful day
And set this flower free.


Chee Chee Martin 2006
 Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul

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