~ Sugar And Spice ~

They start as little girls
In pretty frilly dresses,
With their hair in pigtails
Or in long, curly tresses.

They dress up in Mom's clothes
And try to walk in heels,
Put make-up on their faces
To see just how it feels.

Then as they grow older
They learn about the boys,
They put their dolls away
For their new found toys.

They fall in love and marry
As they were taught to do,
Some of them are lucky,
Some find their love not true.

They do the laundry, cook and clean
Play nurse, lover and friend,
And as for a woman's work
There seems to be no end.

She never will complain
When she's feeling low,
Seems that morning to night
She's always on the go.

Some will spend a lifetime
Trying to please her man,
Always doing for him
Everything she can.

Taken so much for granted
The women in our lives,
Not enough credit given
To mothers, lovers, wives.

So take a minute, fellas,
Tell her that you care,
Think what it would be like
If she wasn't there.

 Del "Abe" Jones 2009


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