~ Summer At the Farm ~

The washing, ironing and the mending
The sweeping and mopping of the floors
Getting up before the crack of the dawn
To start on all of our daily chores.

The smell of the freshly made bread
The churning of the sweet yellow butter
Canning pickles, tomatoes and peaches
Being there to help my sweet Grandmother.

Taking a bath on a warm Saturday night
Sunday we would be cleansed for the Lord
Eating popcorn popped over the fireplace
Being with my Grandparents who I adored.

Sitting out on the porch on a warm evening
Listening to Grandpa's favorite radio show
Chasing butterflies and big grasshoppers
And lightening bugs with their tails aglow.

Oh these are a few of the things I remember
Spending summer on my Grandparent's farm
Like the old tire swing that we played on
And running barefoot out on the cool lawn.

Sandy Edwards 2005

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