~ A Summer Farewell ~
I heard it's soft whisper passing by
The fading of it's glow
As I gently waved goodbye
To the summer I had known
I felt a little sad
As it's twilight twinkled dim
I felt the warm and pleasant memories
That I had tucked within
I heard the white birds cry
As the autumn winds began to blow
Forcing summer's friends to flee away
Leaving them to fend alone
But as I pondered, I knew I would re-visit
God's warmth will always bring me here
After saying hello to spring
My place will keep until next year
I stood up then, my heart prepared to go
And as I turned it pierced my soul anew
How glad I am He keeps you close forever
I will never say goodbye to you
Soft Whispers for special you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005
The miles cannot separate our hearts!
You're my friend forever. Because that's how long I'm gonna need you!
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Midi by Andy Klapwyk

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