Summer Time

Oh how I love the fresh scent of Summer
Wintergreen, and the sunlight does glimmer
To sit in your yard and enjoy the sights and sounds
Hearing the birds chirp and seeing the bunnies hop around

Look, watch and listen the beauty surrounds us
What a wonderful world we do possess
God created wonders beyond our knowledge
So many itís hard to acknowledge

Summer time is great for picnics and beaches
Watermelon, oranges, grapes and peaches
Hot dogs, hamburgers and sandwiches
Be careful for poison ivy and rashes

Cookouts for family and friends
All the latest cookware and trends
All bring a dish, salads or melons
Children making juice from lemons

Swimming, sun bathing are fun times for photos
Fill your scrapbooks with all these mementos
In years to come your children will treasure
With fondness and pleasure

© Joyce Ann Geyer 2007

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